Welcome to the Oppiminen Online site!

“Oppiminen” is Finnish for learning and Oppiminen online offers a new method of implementing professional learning with gamification elements.

Oppiminen online is a part of the OsaOppi III – V projects in which the requisite skill sets, as defined by the Ope.fi standards (in Finnish), are provided over 3 levels and 3 locations around Finland: Espoo, Hämenlinna and Oulu.

SoMe-Novice = Ope.fi I
SoMe-Expert = Ope.fi II
SoMe-Developer = Ope.fi III

Locations compete with each other to earn badges which are earned by providing evidence of a skill competency over approximately 50 different subjects.For each subject, an online training session is offered that teaches the requisite skill set for that subject and allows the student to meet the badge criteria.

This site provides the students a place to learn the rules of the game, follow the game’s progress,  find more information on the online training sessions and apply for the much-coveted badges.

Oppiminen Online is a collaboration between member organisations HAMK, OAMK and Omnia. If you would like more information on the “Oppiminen online” project, please contact one of our team members here.

Material Copyrights

Copyrights to the training session videos are under the Creative Commons lisense 4.0 BY-NC-SA unless stated otherwise.